Tuesday, October 10, 2006

mountain highwayI have shown this photo to some of my friends, actually first I wasn't interested in this photo as like as some others in the Kahar mount climbing day that I have took, but when this one attract more attention I wanted to think and see more, the first thing that come to my mind was the shape of mountain edge that is like a highway on the top of mountains, even some friends ask me how is it possible to be a road in such a place but its not a real highway, its the shape that have constructed by the co operation of snow and wind it might be like a bomb that every time is ready to explode, whenever they break its possible to push a large amount of snow come down to the valley, and robe everything in their way, actually and really for mine its like a huge lady with lots of fat, you can have a look to the snows on the mountain the parts that made contrast by the shadows, and over exposed horizon, the clouds over horizon, the highway that goes to nowhere, at least it seems in the photo, even you can pay attention to the photographer of this photo that are exporting his photo, normally its not usual, at least up to my experiences. ohh I have forgotten to tell you about the black dot on the top, its the dot that stick on the ccd of my digital camera the only problem that seems to crucial to mine about digitalis is cleaning the ccd, or I love the digital camera that its ccd wont got dirt, will I see such a thing? I wish even I have heard a piece of news that canon made such a model that camera automatically clean its ccd when ever its got dirt. I suppose I have wrote too much tonight because may absent for a while too while, I don't know may not. Posted by Picasa


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